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Payment method

There is only one payment method for goods.

1. Credit card payment.

The following credit cards can be used.

◆ Mastercard
◆ Diners Club
◆ American Express

* Card payments are made using Epsilon's credit card payment system.
Information such as your "card type" and "card number" cannot be viewed on this site.

2. PayPal

You can use it if you have a PayPal account.
* PayPal account can be created when ordering.
* For more information about PayPal, see the PayPal website.

3.MUFG Bank, LTD.

After confirming the transfer, we will ship the item after ordering. Please bear the transfer fee.
Detailed information on the transfer destination can be found in the automatic reply email after ordering.


Our shop also sells in-kind, so depending on the timing of shopping,

Even if the purchase is completed on the Web, it may be sold out (or out of stock).

In that case, we will contact you by e-mail or telephone.

After payment by credit card, payment will be cancelled.

In addition, the services such as shipping fee and handling fee according to the purchase price are only applicable to the price of the products that can be sent.