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Business name COMOCOME Design Studio Co., Ltd.
shop's name como!come! Golf Select Japan
Name of the person in charge of operation Shinichi Hirose
Postal code 111-0036
Address / contact information 3-1-12-603 Matsugaya, Taito-ku, Tokyo Kappa D.C Phone 03-6802-8366
Explanation of charges other than the product price Shipping fee will be charged in addition to the product price.
Application expiration date ・ Please note that if payment is not made within one week after ordering, it will be considered as canceled and will be cancelled.
・ If you do not receive the item by cash on delivery within one week, or if you do not receive it without any contact, we will consider it as a refusal to receive it and cancel it. In that case, please note that we will charge the round-trip shipping fee.
About defective products For returns or exchanges of goods, please contact us within 7 days after the goods arrive.
If you wish to exchange (excluding outlets and all discounted products), we will send you a replacement product (if the desired product is out of stock, we will refund the product price).
In case of return, the product price will be refunded. However, in any case, please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges for products that have been used once, have their tags removed, or have their price tags removed.
Please contact us for detailed conditions of returns and exchanges.
* Please bear the shipping fee for returns and exchanges due to customer's convenience. Please note that outlet products (all discounted products) cannot be returned or exchanged.
Sales quantity Limited items are displayed in each item description.
Delivery time Basically, after receiving an order (after confirming payment in the case of bank transfer), 3 to 5 business days (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, and summer holidays <usually around 8/15 for 5 days>, year-end and new year <usually around 1/1 around 6 days >, We will complete the shipping procedure by mail such as courier, Japan Post Letter Pack Lite, Letter Pack Plus, Yu-Pack, etc. within weekdays except holidays specified by the small company.
However, this does not apply to pre-order sales.
The delivery date of the product is usually 1 to 3 (business) days after the shipping procedure, but it may be slightly delayed due to congestion of mail and courier. Please note that we cannot accept the specified delivery date in principle.
* Please note that when shipping to someone other than the purchaser, we will ask for the shipping address and contact information. The delivery statement (with price notation) will be enclosed with the product.
* Please note that the delivery address cannot be changed after the product has been shipped.
* In either case, you will be responsible for shipping and handling charges for cancellations after the product has been shipped. (The same applies if you get free shipping depending on the purchase price, or if you purchase by cash on delivery.)
[Important] Some products will be automatically shipped as soon as your order is completed. Therefore, we may not be able to accept changes or cancellations of the delivery address even if you contact us. Please be sure to check the details of your order before placing an order.
payment method Bank transfer (prepayment) and cash on delivery (cash on delivery using Sagawa Express e-collect), credit card payment (prepayment), convenience store payment
Payment deadline Bank transfer: Within 7 days C.O.D .: Payment upon receipt of goods Credit card payment / Paypal: Within 3 business days Authorization (sales approval) Convenience payment: Within 7 days
Return deadline Contact us by phone within 7 days of receiving the item
Return shipping In case of defective products, freight collect