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Backache Belt Supporter Corset Backache Supporter.

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Product number pg-2021-02
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■ What is a golf elbow !?
Golfers who are more enthusiastic about practicing are more likely to experience this annoying elbow pain.
Golf elbow is so-called tendonitis.
It's an injury or syndrome caused by overuse of the hands,
It often occurs in sports such as golf, tennis, and baseball where you hit a ball with a tool.
It happens not only on the elbows but also on the wrists,
This supporter is for elbows.

Even with the same elbow, it is called lateral epicondylitis of the humerus.
When there is a disorder on the outside of the elbow at the connection between the bone and muscle of the upper arm,
There is medial epicondylitis of the humerus that occurs on the medial side.
Please note that even the same supporter can be installed in different places.

■ Omen of tendonitis
Early symptoms of tendonitis include dullness and malaise in the arms.
I usually have no pain, but when I have a club, my elbows hurt ...
These symptoms are when the tendons are starting to become inflamed.
If you feel that kind of unpleasant feeling, it's actually best to take a rest.
It's hard to take a break from fun golf, isn't it?
Such a person should use a supporter immediately.
Because the impact of the blow is dispersed by the supporters before reaching the tendon
Inflammation is less likely to occur.
If you continue practicing or playing without doing anything even though you feel pain or discomfort,
It may become chronic and may not heal.
(In my case, I couldn't take a break from golf and couldn't hold the club anymore ... so I ended up having surgery.)
Of course, it is OK to use the supporter even if there is no pain.
When you are young, your muscles are supple and absorb shocks,
As you get older, your muscles and tendons also age and become stiff and unable to absorb shocks.
It is also used as a preventive measure.
In addition, don't forget to stretch your arms!

■ How to wear
If you have pain on the outside or inside of your upper arm, wrap the supporter around the thickest part of your upper arm, a few centimeters below the painful area. Make sure that the convex pad touches the outside or inside of your finger. The point is to squeeze the pad strongly so that the muscles can be firmly suppressed.

■ Low back pain belt supporter
-There are 4 bones in the waist that are solid vertically and yet when moderate force is applied, so there is nothing unsatisfactory.
-Since it has a double belt structure, the main body is squeezed and then squeezed with a rubber-like belt.
Strong pressurization is possible.
・ There are M size / L size, and you can choose according to your body shape.


Waist size

Belt width







* Waist size should be based on the size of the most protruding part of the abdomen.

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