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Neo mallet aging

Neo mallet aging

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Neo mallet aging
Neo mallet aging
Neo mallet aging
Price 1,780円
Product number PCNM19AG-22

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Gorgeous embroidery and colorful prints that are good at COMOCOME
And protect the important head with a fluffy boa
Following the new pencil sack type head cover, a putter cover with the same design is also available.
The design that combines gorgeous embroidery with colorful prints is a finish unique to COMOCOME!
The opening and closing is a magnet type, and of course there is also a hook ribbon for the head cover holder.

* This product will be delivered by traceable mail service.
* Not subject to wrapping.

● Aging
Design expressions such as "damage" and "shabby" are not uncommon in the fashion and interior industries.
Furthermore, in the automobile industry, the radical "rat style" that wraps rust on new Porsche and Ferrari is in fashion.
And the first (?) In the golf industry is from COMOCOME

What is the hook ribbon attached to the putter cover?
All COMOCOME putter covers come with hook ribbons. This is for firmly attaching the putter cover holder "Baby-tail®".
The COMOCOME holder has a double ring that you can attach to the hook ribbon on this putter cover for a secure connection that won't come off.

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