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Clutch Player

CP Spring - Fall Jogger Pants (Domestic only)

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Product number WBM1903

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Jogger pants with belt loops will clear the dress code!

In addition to the joggers that have become the most popular among clutch players, we have also created a thin, stretchy spring/summer model.

In recent years, golf wear has become more and more unworldly with flashy prints, large embroidery and patches. It's almost like the opposite of street fashion.

But at the opposite end of the spectrum, there are more and more items that are almost the same as street fashion, but don't look like golf wear.

Jogger pants are one of the latter trend. Is it golf wear? "No?" Let's not ask such a question.

(Laughs) Naturally, I made them on the assumption that they are.

Usually, jogger pants are easy pants with a free waist size, but the Clutch Player has a belt.

Easy pants are a bit too loungewear-like, but you can always wear a belt...

The jogger pants are very comfortable to wear.

Not to mention the stretch, there is absolutely no resistance when swinging.

The pockets are accented with a switch, the front pockets are zippered, and we've also focused on fashion.

The key to wearing a monotone cord in a golf setting is the use of accessories that add color and accent.

You can become a fashionista on the fairway by focusing on accessories such as belts and head covers!

Some golf courses prohibit jogger pants as part of their dress code, so if you are going to a prestigious course, please check with the course staff beforehand.

Please note that there are slight individual differences due to the nature of the elastic material.

Please note that due to the nature of stretchy materials, there may be slight individual differences.

This model is a slim type.

This model is a slim type. This model is a slim type. Please read the size chart carefully before choosing your size.

We recommend that you choose one size larger than the golf brand pants you normally wear.

For the waist size of the pants

When choosing a pant size from M/L/XL..., please be sure to check the size chart for each product before making your selection.

The waist size may differ depending on the design, even for the same M size.

The difference between the nude size and the product size.

If a person with a waist size of 80cm wears pants with a waist size of 80cm, the pants will be tight and snug.

If your waist size is 80cm, the pants will be too tight.

About the relationship between inseam size and waist size

Designs with a 25-6cm inseam for M, 26-7cm inseam for L, 27-8cm inseam for XL, and 28-9cm inseam for XXL will have a slightly shallower inseam. The crotch is a little shallow, so please take this into consideration when choosing your waist size.

Depending on your body type, the waist of the pants with a slightly shallow crotch will be a few centimeters below your belly button.

If you have a large stomach, the waist size of the product may be smaller than the waist of your belly button.

On the other hand, if you are thin, the waist size at the belly button and the waist size of the pants may be the same or even larger.

Please refer to the inseam and waist size of your regular pants.

Composition: 86% Cotton, 14% Polyester

Spring to fall specifications (recommended temperature: 18°C to 28°C), belt loops, zipper front pockets

Lightweight cotton and polyester for a mellow fit. Lightweight cotton and polyester for mild comfort.

The inseam size is a type that can be worn to some extent as it comes.


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